The Power of Your Own Words.

Have you ever felt like you’re completely working your ass off for something and months fly by and you still feel like you’ve made NO progress. Story of my life. You’re doing your morning routine, you’re drinking your lemon water, going to spin 3 times a week, juicing whatever vegetable is in right now…you feel like you’re doing all the right things, yet you still … Continue reading The Power of Your Own Words.

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The Truth About Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone.

Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t actually delete this blog or forget about it! No matter how many times I read or write about consistency it still doesn’t seem to do the trick. But I’m not here to make fun of myself for starting a blog and then dropping it the last 4 months because to be completely honest, the last 4 months were probably … Continue reading The Truth About Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone.

Current Workouts.

I have officially cancelled my gym membership which is actually pretty crazy. But after years of searching for my preferred workout schedule I have finally found it and it doesn’t include a gym. Thank god. I think that I have attempted every single kind of workout available to the public and each time I get committed for a couple of months then I find myself … Continue reading Current Workouts.