Current Workouts.

I have officially cancelled my gym membership which is actually pretty crazy. But after years of searching for my preferred workout schedule I have finally found it and it doesn’t include a gym. Thank god. I think that I have attempted every single kind of workout available to the public and each time I get committed for a couple of months then I find myself … Continue reading Current Workouts.

Vegan VS Carnivore: WTF Do I eat?

PART I: Fitness I should start right off and say that I have always been very conscious with what I eat, I’ve been obsessed with health, food and fitness since high school. My entire junior high youtube history consisted of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show (yes, even all the way back to the early 2000’s – #teamnaomi obvi) but it was when I came back … Continue reading Vegan VS Carnivore: WTF Do I eat?